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︎ ARTIST AGENT / Richard Solomon
︎ richard@richardsolomon.com

︎110 E 30th St, Ste. 501
New York, NY 10016

(P) +1 212 223 9545
(F) +1 212 223 9633


︎Work process

1 ︎ At first, I take the time to fully understand the intentions / ideas that the client wishes to transcribe.
This part included studying the subject in depth, discussing, suggesting ideas.

2 ︎ Once the idea / concept is more concrete, I propose two to three different sketches of the project
(Made by hand or digitally)

3 ︎ afterwards, once the sketch validated and corrected, I propose two axes of color research.
(Made by hand or digitally)

4 ︎  Finally, only when the first 3 points are validated, I begin the final illustration.

This process is essential to achieve the graphic result / rendering that the customer wants.